Syria: 50 Militants Killed in Army Ambush in Deraa

13921207000750_PhotoIThe Syrian army killed a large number of foreign-backed terrorists in Deraa countryside in the Southern parts of the country.
At least 50 militants of the Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra Front were killed in an ambush of the Syrian army in Deraa city.

Meantime, the army units made major advances in the town of Arabeen in Eastern Ghouta, killing at least 35 terrorists in fierce clashes.

On Friday, a military source announced that the Syrian forces have gained the upper hand over the foreign-backed militants across the outskirts of Deraa.

A large number of militants were killed and wounded and so many others fled the battlefronts after Syrian soldiers’ massive attacks against their strongholds in al-Jubailiyeh area and cement factory in Aleppo.

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