Syria: Ankara-Backed Militants Plunder Artifacts in Aleppo’s Afrin

The Turkey-backed terrorists continue to plunder the infrastructures and artifacts in Afrin in Northwestern.

The local sources said that the Ankara-backed terrorists have begun excavations and diggings in different parts of Afrin to gain access to archeological works there.

The sources pointed to the terrorists’ excavations in archeological sites and some ancient graveyards, including Tal Jandaris and Houri Nabi, with modern excavation machinery which has just come from Turkey, and said that the terrorists transfer Syria’s artifacts to Turkey with the assistance of the Turkish authorities.

Syria’s artifacts director general had previously warned against terrorists’ attempts to plunder the archeological works from occupied regions in Northern Syria, including Manbij, Afrin, Idlib and Raqqa.

He had said that the Western countries, including the US and France help terrorists in plundering  Syria’s artifacts.

It is also mentioned that the Jeish al-Islam terrorists are meant to use the camp for training their militants.

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