Syria Denies Reports on Receiving Draft Constitution Proposal

Syria Flag


The official Facebook page for the Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic dismissed as untrue the talks and news on drafts of a new constitution proposed to Syria.

The official page said that during the past two days, it received many questions regarding what has been circulated by some media outlets on drafts of a new constitution to Syria, which were proposed to Damascus in addition to the talk about Syrian amendments on this constitution.

”In this context and to avoid any confusion, we are concerned to affirm that no draft of a new constitution has been proposed to the Syrian Arab Republic and all what has been circulated by media outlets on this issue is completely untrue,” the page said.

It added that any new constitution to Syria in the future will not be proposed by outside the country but rather it will be absolutely a Syrian, with only the Syrian people discussing and agreeing on it as to be put to referendum and any other talk is “useless and meaningless.”

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