Syria- Families of Martyrs and Injured Army Members Honored in Homs

A ceremony was held on Saturday to honor 88 families of martyrs and 17 families of injured army members at Marmarita Cultural Center in the countryside of Homs.

Governor of Homs, Ahmad Munir Mohammad said that the event aimed at expressing appreciation for the sons and families of the martyrs who sacrificed themselves to defend the homeland.

He added that the aggression launched by the world evil powers against the Syrian people will make them more determined to remain resistant and adherent to their country and its sovereignty.

The participants hailed the army’s role in confronting the mercenary terrorists who spread chaos and destruction in Syria in an attempt to destabilize its security.

Bishop Iliya Ta’ameh called upon all Syrians to work together and rebuild Syria with their amity and unity.

One of the martyrs’ daughters, Mai Matta, said that the Syrians were brought up on their love to the homeland and readiness to defend their country.

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