Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Destroys Militants’ Defense Lines in Lattakia Province



The Syrian army and popular forces destroyed the defense lines of the terrorists in Lattakia province.

The army units backed by the popular forces inflicted heavy losses on the militants in Lattakia province, killing scores of militants and injuring many more in heavy clashes.

The Syrian army and popular forces also hit hard the military positions of the Takfiri terrorists in other key provinces across Syria.


Syrian military forces started a new round of offensives on the terrorist groups’ defense lines South of the key town of Kabani, inflicting major casualties on the militants.

Terrorist groups’ positions in al-Zuweiqat, 1154, 1112 Heights and in the South and Southwest of Kabani came under the large-scale offensive of the Syrian army soldiers.

Heavy fighting is underway between the army and terrorists near Kabani, military sources said.

Reports said earlier on Monday that Syrian Army troops and National Defense Forces (NDF) pushed back terrorist groups from their last positions in Kinsibba and recaptured the town near Lattakia border with the neighboring province of Idlib.

The Syrian government forces continued to storm militant groups in mountainous regions near the border with Turkey and won back the strategic town of Kinsibba after hours of non-stop battle.

Terrorist group suffered a heavy death toll and their military equipment also sustained major damage in the army’s advances.

The Syrian soldiers also took back Sheir al-Qabou’a and defused scores of bombs and landmines paving the ground for liberation of Kinsibba.

The army men and NDF fighters also won back Toubal and Shillif forts near Kinsibba.


The Syrian army made a major military advance in Hama after capturing a strategic village and a region in the Northern parts of the province on Monday.

The army and popular forces are now in full control of the village of Markaba and Mazah al-Tavineh region in Northern Hama.

The Syrian army also took full control of the hilltops overlooking Markaba village after several hours of fierce clashes with the terrorists.

In a relevant development on Monday, the Syrian Army troops foiled an attempt to smuggle large quantities of arms and ammunition to terrorist organizations in the Northwestern and Eastern parts of flashpoint Hama Province.

Media sources in Hama said that following accurate intelligence information, the authorities concerned seized a shipment of arms containing what is known as” Hell Cannons” which were on their way to terrorist groups in the village of Qalet al-Madeeq.

Three terrorists who were trying to smuggle the shipment of arms to the terror groups in the Eastern part of Hama were arrested.

The shipment contained a large quantity of shells for BMBs, goggles, bombs, ammunition for PKC machine guns, medium machine guns, thermal rockets, anti-tank missiles, ammunition for machine guns and rifles and tank shells.

Terrorist groups, mostly affiliated with Fatah al-Sham Front (formerly al-Nusra Front) and ISIL are active in some areas in Hama province and commit crimes against locals.


Russian fighter jets launched several rounds of combat flights over al-Ramousiyeh neighborhood and bombed the narrow corridor that Jeish al-Fatah has opened in the Southern part of Aleppo city, military sources said on Monday.

“Jeish al-Fatah’s temporary supply line to the Southern districts of Aleppo city was massively bombed by the Russian warplanes,” sources said, adding, “Jeish al-Fatah cannot use this narrow corridor on the Southern side of Aleppo city due to the heavy bombardments of the Syrian and Russian aircraft.

After seven phases of massive operations by over 9,000 terrorists on multiple fronts in Eastern, Southern and Southwestern Aleppo in the last five days, the US-backed Jeish Al-Fatah coalition of 22 terrorist groups failed to break the siege except for one very narrow stretch of land in the Southwest that is under hell fire by the Russian air force and Syrian artillery units blocking the terrorists from opening a path to go through to escape the siege or bring in supplies and fresh forces. Jeish Al-Fatah has lost over 500 militants only in the Eastern frontline, while the latest reports on Sunday afternoon said they have so far lost 700 militants in the South. The militants managed to win control over three of the five Army Academies, but later came under the Russian warplanes’ non-stop airstrikes and an unending barrage of missile and rocket attacks by the Syrian artillery units.

At least 600 members of Jeish al-Fatah terrorist group were killed and many more were wounded in clashes with the Syrian Army troops and their popular allies in the Southwestern countryside of Aleppo last week, taking the total number of terrorist casualties in Aleppo clashes in the last week to 1,200, military sources said.

“The Syrian government forces’ anti-terrorism operations Southwest of Aleppo city have claimed the lives of at least 600 terrorists,” sources said.

“81 terrorists were killed while using bomb-laden suicide vehicles against government forces’ positions,” the sources said.

“Jeish al-Fatah had gathered nearly 4,000 fighters till the second phase of operations to break army’s siege of militant-held districts in Aleppo, but their number increased to 9,000 after Jeish al-Fatah’s call for more combatants,” they went on to say.


Six Russian long-range bombers Tupolev Tu-22M3 conducted concentrated strikes against the facilities of ISIL terrorist organization in the areas near the Syrian city of Palmyra, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported on Monday.

“On August 8, 2016, six long-range Tu-22M3 bombers which took off in Russia dealt a concentrated high-explosive ammunition attack on targets of the ISIL terrorist group in areas East and Northwest of Palmyra, near the As Sakhanah and Arak settlements,” TASS reported.

A command post and a large militant field camp have been destroyed near Al-Sukhnah, while terrorists near Palmyra and Arak sustained losses in manpower, arms depots, armored and all-terrain vehicles with mounted guns, as well as command posts, the ministry added.

It was noted that the bombers returned safely and landed on their airfields following the concentrated attack.

Russia has been conducting a counterterrorist campaign in Syria since September 30, 2015, at President Bashar Assad’s request. On March 14, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the Defense Ministry to withdraw the bulk of the Russian military contingent from Syria.

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