Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Repels Terrorists’ Attack on Gov’t Positions in Homs


The Syrian army soldiers repelled terrorists’ attack on their positions in Homs province after hours of clashes, inflicting major losses on them.

The heavy attacks by the ISIL and Al-Nusra Front (Tahrir al-Sham Hay’at or the Levant Liberation Board) terrorists to capture the government forces’ positions in Eastern and Northern territories of Homs were fended off by the strong defense of the Syrian military men.

Meantime, the Syrian army and popular forces continued their military advances in other parts of Syria, including Deir Ezzur and Hama, over the past 24 hours.

Tens of terrorists were killed and dozens more were injured during the Syrian army’s operations in other provinces across Syria.


The Syrian Army troops repelled heavy attacks of the ISIL and Al-Nusra Front terrorists in Eastern and Northern territories of Homs on Monday, killing a number of militants.

The army men clashed fiercely with ISIL near the small town of Humeimeh and near Homs’ border with Deir Ezzur and managed to fend off their offensive.

The army men further hit ISIL’s movements in the Southern and Southeastern directions of Humeimeh, killing or wounding a large number of terrorists.

Meanwhile, the terrorist groups’ artillery units targeted the army’s positions in areas surrounding the town of Talbiseh and in the villages of Atouq and al-Najmeh.

The army men, later, clashed with Al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham South of Talbiseh and their artillery units opened heavy fire at terrorists’ strongholds in Talbiseh, inflicting major losses on the militants.

Deir Ezzur

Fierce clashes are underway between the Syrian Army troops and the ISIL terrorists around the town of Albu Kamal amid arrival of fresh army soldiers in Southeastern Deir Ezzur to recapture the key border town, field sources confirmed.

The sources said that a large number of fresh army men have arrived in Southeastern Deir Ezzur to join their comrades’ non-stop attack to break through the ISIL’s defense lines and retake control over Albu Kamal at border with Iraq.

The sources further said that the army men have engaged in tough battle with the ISIL in the Southern and Southeastern outskirts of Albu Kamal, inflicting heavy casualties on the terrorists.

Reports said earlier on Monday that the army men engaged in fierce clashes with ISIL South of the town of al-Mayadeen and imposed control over Bir (well) Daham and the strategic Malham hill West of the small town of al-Salehiyeh.

The army units further captured several hills and mountains in a large region up to the key al-Qofran hill Southwest of Zebyan region.

The army men have advanced 30 km in depth of ISIL’s positions South of al-Mayadeen after their recent gains.


The Syrian Army men stormed the positions of Al-Nusra Front in Northern Hama on Monday, inching closer to the border with Idlib province after taking control over a key region.

The army soldiers pushed the Al-Nusra back from the village of Abu al-Qar North of the small town of al-Sa’an after imposing control over the village of al-Hasanawi, coming closer to full control over Hama’s administrative border with Idlib province.


The Syrian Army troops stormed again the positions of Al-Nusra Front in Eastern Ghouta on Monday, taking control over several positions.

The army men, backed up by the missile and artillery units’ heavy fire, continued to hit Al-Nusra’s positions and imposed full control over several positions in Jobar region South of al-Manasher square.

Last month, the army launched another offensive against the al-Nusra Front in Southwestern Damascus, and could impose control over a key region.

The army forces engaged in heavy clashes with al-Nusra terrorists in Jabal al-Sheikh and al-Zyat regions as well as al-Bardaiyeh hill in Southwestern Damascus, winning back control over the strategic hill.

They also fiercely clashed with the terrorists in al-Zahr al-Aswad front near Beit Jin farms in Western Damascus, killing several terrorists.

Meantime, army helicopters pounded the al-Nusra positions in Beit Jinn farms and Beit Jin region in Southwestern Damascus.

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