Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Repels Terrorists’ Attacks in Damascus



The Syrian army repelled terrorists’ attacks on its military position in Damascus province on Friday, inflicting heavy losses on the militants.

The Jeish al-Islam and Faylaq al-Rahman terrorists attempted to attack the Syrian army’s military positions in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus province, but the government forces pushed them back.

The terrorists sustained heavy casualties in the Syrian army’s offensive on their positions.

The army units also continued to march on the terrorists’ positions in other provinces across Syria.


The Syrian Army troops fended off offensives of Jeish al-Islam and Faylaq al-Rahman on government forces’ positions in Eastern Ghouta, inflicting major losses and casualties on them.

Faylaq al-Rahman and Jeish al-Islam terrorist groups attacked government positions’ in the town of Jobar near the town’s garages and mall, but their attacks were repulsed due to the Syrian army’s strong defense.

The Syrian soldiers, in a counter-offensive inside Jobar, struck Faylaq al-Rahman’s positions near the Tayba Mosque and Teachers Tower and captured five more buildings.

Terrorist groups suffered a heavy death toll in the failed attacks and the army’s counter-attacks.

Reports said earlier on Friday that the terrorist groups continued to shell the Syrian government forces’ positions across Eastern Damascus regardless of the newly nationwide truce plan.

Militants’ mortar launchers targeted the Eastern entrance of Damascus with several rounds.

In the meantime, government positions along Harasta highway near al-Qaboun al-Sina’ah in Jobar were attacked by the terrorist groups’ mortar shells.


The Syrian fighter jets raided the terrorists’ military positions in strategic areas in Hama province, inflicting heavy losses on the militants.

The military positions and gathering centers of Jund al-Aqsa and Fatah al-Sham (the newly-formed al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group previously known as the al-Nusra Front) terrorist groups were struck by the Syrian warplanes in Atshan and Mourek regions.

A large number of militants from both terrorist groups were killed and wounded in the airstrikes.

Reports said on Friday that the Syrian army sent a large number of fresh forces to strategic regions in the Northern part of Hama province to start military operations in the region soon as serious breaches of ceasefire by the terrorist groups continue unabated.

The decision to send more forces was made following the terrorists’ continued attacks on the Syrian government forces in Hama province after the ceasefire took effect on Monday, and after they captured a number of villages which were under the control of their pro-government forces.

According to battlefield sources, the Syrian army soldiers and their allies were preparing to start fresh military operations to take back lost lands from the terrorists.


The Syrian army attacked the terrorist groups’ military positions and gathering centers in the Northern part of al-Farhaniyeh and Talbiseh regions in Homs province.

The army’s artillery unit pounded the terrorists’ military positions in Homs province after the militants launched mortar attacks on army hardware in the surrounding areas of al-Farhaniyeh and Talbiseh.


Syrian fighter jets pounded the strongholds of Fatah al-Sham in Southern Idlib, destroying the infrastructures of the militants’ sites in large scale.

Syrian warplanes bombed Fatah al-Sham’s positions in al-Tamana and Khan Seikhoun, inflicting dozens of casualties on the militants and destroying their equipment and weapons.

Reports said earlier on Friday that the Syrian fighter jets’ heavy bombardments inflicted major losses on the militants of Fatah al-Sham Front and did not allow them to move in the region.

The Syrian warplanes targeted Fatah al-Sham’s strongholds near the town of Binish in the Eastern territories of Idlib, destroying the groups’ military vehicles.


The Syrian Army’s missile units opened heavy fire at a long convoy of terrorists carrying arms and ammunition in Northern Quneitra, destroying most of the vehicles and killing their guards.

The army missile units, informed by army-affiliated intelligence agents in Southern Syria, targeted the terrorist group’s vehicles in Kasareh Toranjeh, destroying the vehicles.

A loud blast was heard as the arms and munitions cargo in the vehicles exploded.

In the meantime, the Syrian army tanks and machineguns opened fire on the positions of Fatah al-Sham in the village of al-Hamidiyeh hard.

Deir Ezzur

The Syrian Air Force launched fresh rounds of combat sorties over ISIL’s positions in Deir Ezzur’s countryside, slowing down the terrorist group’s movements in the region.

The Syrian fighter jets bombed ISIL’s gatherings in al-Hosseiniyeh, al-Jabileh, along a road towards Deir Ezzur airbase and near al-Thardah mountain, inflicting major losses on their military equipment.

ISIL meantime suffered a heavy death toll in the attacks.

A field source said on Friday that the ISIL terrorist group gunned down two of its most notorious commanders in Deir Ezzur for unknown reasons.

According to the source, Maysar al-Kalizi and Anas al-Abdon were executed by ISIL’s security forces.


A senior commander of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) was killed in an infighting between rival terrorist groups near Syria’s border with Turkey.

Othman Saleh, the FSA commander of the Syria-Turkey border crossing, was killed in clashes between the Turkmen and Arab terrorists near Jarabulus.

Othman Saleh was the commander of Soqour al-Jabal brigade of the FSA.

Turkmen militants have recently advanced against their rival Arab terrorists in the border crossing near Jarabulus.

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