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Syria in Last 24 Hours: Great Satan US Continues Efforts to Separate Kurdish-Controlled Region in Eastern Syria from Mainland

A new US delegation arrived in Eastern Syria to implement the separatist plan to cut off the Kurdish-held regions from the mainland.

“A US delegation has recently arrived in the Kurdish-controlled areas to the East of Deri Ezzur in line with reinforcing the US plans for separating the areas under the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Northern and Northeastern Syria from the rest of the country,” the Arabic-language Al-Watan newspaper reported.

Meantime, the Syrian army continued its military advances in other parts of Syria over past 24 hours.

Tens of terrorists were killed and dozens more were injured during the Syrian army’s operations in provinces across Syria.

Deir Ezzur

A new US delegation has arrived in Eastern Syria to implement the separatist plan to cut off the Kurdish-held regions from the mainland.

The Arabic-language Al-Watan newspaper reported that a US delegation has recently arrived in the Kurdish-controlled areas to the East of Deri Ezzur in line with reinforcing the US plans for separating the areas under the SDF in Northern and Northeastern Syria from the rest of the country.

It noted that the US delegation comprising the United States Envoy to the International Coalition against the ISIL William Robak, the United States Special Representative for Syria Engagement James Jeffrey and US army commander on Syria and Iraq have held meetings with as number of SDF commanders and some tribal leaders in al-Omar oil region in Eastern Deir Ezzur.

Sources close to the militants in Syria reiterated that the US side in the meeting underlined the need for continued presence of the US Army troops in Eastern Euphrates.


A large number of civilians have left the US-controlled al-Rukban Refugee Camp in al-Tanf region of Homs province despite the US blocking the flow of refugees.

Battlefield sources in Eastern Homs reported that about 500 civilians have left al-Rukban Camp in al-Tanf region near the border with Iraq via Jaliqam crossing. The Syrian citizens have escaped the al-Rukban camp for safe areas under the Syrian Army’s control in Eastern Homs.

Meantime, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that more than 17,700 civilians have left al-Rukban Camp for areas under the Syrian Army’s control since last February.

The residents of al-Rukban, who have recently left the refugee camp, have pointed to the camp’s critical conditions and acute shortage of hygienic and health conditions as well as shortage of foodstuff, and said that the US Army and its allied militants are still blocking the exit of civilians from the refugee camp.

Meantime, the Syrian-Russian Coordination Committees in a statement said that the humanitarian conditions of al-Rukban camp is drastically deteriorating.

The number of teenagers recruited has considerably grown over the past month, said a joint statement made by heads of the interdepartmental coordination committees of Russia and Syria Mikhail Mizintsev and Hussein Makhlouf.


Turkey is helping the militants in excavation of historical and ancient sites in the Ankara-controlled occupied areas in Northern Syria as the terrorists have transferred tens of thousands of artifacts to Turkey, a government cultural official said.

The Arabic-language al-Watan newspaper quoted Director-General of Syria’s Museums and Ancient Sites Mahmoud Hamoud as saying that according to reliable intelligence, Turkish officials along with their allied militants have started excavations for artefacts in most of the regions and ancient hills of Afrin, including Tal Borj Abdalou, Tal Ain Dareh, Tal Jandaris and Nabi Hora which are thousands of years old.

Hamoud noted that the terrorists have plundered about 75,000 artifacts from Syrian museums, including museums in Idlib and Raqqa, and said that a sum of 25,000 artefacts of Syria have so far been smuggled into Turkey so far.

The Syrian official also said that over 1 million Syrian artifacts have been stolen by terrorists from different regions.

In a relevant development last week, media reports said that the Turkish Army and Ankara-backed militants were continuing to plunder the infrastructures and artifacts in Afrin region in Northwestern Aleppo.

The Kurdish-language Hawar News website quoted local sources in Afrin as saying that the Turkish Army and its allied militants in overnight excavations have plundered the archeological works on the hills of the town of Kamrouk in Mobata region in Afrin in Northwestern Aleppo.

The sources noted that the Turkish Army and its allied militants transfer the stolen artifacts from different regions of Afrin to Turkey.

Meantime, the Ankara-backed terrorists still continue their killings and plundering of civilians’ properties and they also abduct people to blackmail their families. 


The Syrian Army backed by the country’s and Russian air forces thwarted a heavy attack by elite militants of Tahrir al-Sham al-Hay’at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) terrorists aimed at regaining back the strategic al-Hamamiat region in Northern Hama, killing at least 40 of them.

The Arabic-language website of the Russian Sputnik news agency quoted a military source as saying that over 1,000 of elite Tahrir al-Sham terrorists also known as Asaeb al-Hamra, most of them from Chechnya, together with hundreds of Turkistani Party terrorists as well as several suicide bombers have attacked the Syrian Army’s military positions in the town of al-Hamamiat in Northern Hama.

The source pointed to the tactical withdrawal of the Syrian Army troops to their military positions in al-Hamamiat region, and said that the Syrian Army fully cleansed al-Hamamiat town and its outskirts after dispatching troops and massive military equipment to the region and starting a heavy attack on the terrorists which left over 40 militants dead and at least 13 vehicles destroyed.

Meantime, the Russian and Syrian fighter jets and the Syrian Army’s artillery units pounded the military positions and movements of the terrorists in the towns of al-Latamineh, Kafar Zita, al-Zuka, al-Arbaeen and Khan Sheikhoun in Northern Hama and Southern Idlib, he added.

The source noted that the terrorist groups intend to cut Mahradeh-Saqilbieh Road by taking full control over al-Hamamiat strategic town.

Meantime, after sustaining heavy defeats in al-Hamamiat, the terrorists launched rocket attacks on residential areas in the town of Karnaz, Sheikh Hadid and Mahradeh in Northern Hama which resulted in injury of a number of civilians.

The Syrian Army’s air defense systems also repelled two consecutive waves drone attacks by terrorists on their military positions, and destroyed all the militants drones before they could hit their targets.

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