Syria in Past 24 Hours: Tens of Civilians Killed, Injured in US Air Raids


The US-led coalition fighter jets continued to bomb towns and regions in the provinces of Raqqa and Deir Ezzur, killing and injuring over 90 civilians, including children.

Deir Ezzur

The warplanes targeted Bousaraya region in Raqqa, killing and wounding 30 civilians.

Also, the fighter jets bombed the village of al-Kashkiyeh in Southeastern Deir Ezzur, leaving a child dead and several more wounded.

In the meantime, US air raids left a sum of 60 civilian casualties in the villages of al-Kashma, al-Showayt, al-Dawayer and al-Asharah.

Also in the past 24 hours, infighting and tensions among ISIL members have been on rise as notorious commanders of the terrorist group continue to escape from the Eastern province of Deir Ezzur, local sources said.

The sources said that Commander of ISIL Hasaba (monitoring-security forces) Abu Othman al-Mayadeeni has escaped from the town of Albu Kamal in Southeastern Deir Ezzur.

The sources said that ISIL has appointed Abu Khotab al-Araqi as al-Mayadeeni’s successor, adding that unprecedented security crisis has covered Albu Kamal after the escape of al-Mayadeeni.

The sources went on to say that ISIL has set up more security checkpoints in Albu Kamal to control the crisis.

According to reports, ISIL has dismissed Qatibeh al-Hanoud nom de guerre Abu Bakr, one of the most important security members of the group in Deir Ezzur.

The reports further said that heavy fighting has erupted between the Syrian and non-Syrian members of ISIL in Albu Kamal after security crisis began in the town.


The Syrian Army’s artillery and missile unis heavily pounded the positions of Al-Nusra Front (Tahrir al-Sham Hay’at or the Levant Liberation Board) in Eastern Ghouta pushing the terrorist group into complete failure.

The artillery and missile units opened heavy fire at the positions of terrorists in Jobar region, inflicting major losses on them.

In the meantime, Al-Nusra’s strongholds along the road to Arfeh district in Jobar came under heavy fire by the army’s artillery and missile units.

According to field reports, the Al-Nusra has declared readiness for breakup in Eastern Ghouta or affiliation to Faylaq al-Rahman terrorist group.

The Syrian Army troops on Monday relaunched their operation against the Al-Nusra Front in Eastern Ghouta after Faylaq al-Rahman militants failed to drive the Al-Nusra out of the region.

The army men restarted hitting Al-Nusra’s positions and imposed control over several positions in Jobar region.

In the meantime, the army’s artillery and missile units shelled Al-Nusra centers in Arfeh in the depth of Jobar region, destroying terrorists’ command centers and arms depot.

The artillery and missile units also targeted terrorists’ movements along a road that connects Jobar and Ein Terma to positons behind the Al-Nusra’s defense lines.

Also, the Syrian Air Force carried out several combat sorties over the Al-Nusra’ concentration centers in Ein Terma-Jobar-Zmelka and Sonbol petrol station, killing and wounding a large number of terrorists.

Also on Wednesday, family members of the gunmen that had left the town of Madhaya for militant-held regions in Idlib under a deal with the government returned to Northwestern Damascus after they were treated harshly by the terrorists ruling over Idlib.

Media sources affiliated to the terrorist groups reported that 17 families of the gunmen who had left Madhaya for Idlib under a deal that covered relocation of militants from Madhaya and al-Zabadani in Damascus province in return for evacuation of pro-government civilians from Fua’a and Kafraya in Idlib retuned Madhaya in coordination with the town’s peace committee.

The families said they decided to return to Madhaya after they were harshly treated by the terrorists in Idlib and experienced lack of security and heavy infighting among rival terrorist groups.


The ISIL terrorists started fortifying their positions in Raqqa neighborhoods after the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) imposed control over the Southern part of the city, field reports said.

Based on reports, the ISIL is fortifying positons in the neighborhoods that are still under the control of the terrorist group in Raqqa city after the SDF managed to take control over the Southern districts of the city.

The reports added that the ISIL is firmly resisting against SDF, backed up by US-led coalition warplanes.

According to reports, ISIL militants are using machine guns on street corners and in rooms and snipers to gun down SDF fighters.

Also in the past 24 hours, the Syrian Air Force bombed ISIL’s positions in Southeastern Raqqa, targeting several depots of weapons and munitions.

The army aircraft pounded ISIL’s positions and movements in the town of Ma’adan 40km South-East of Raqqa city, and the villages of al-Khamiseh, al-Jaber, Maqla Kabir, Maqla Saqir and around Qanem al-Ala, destroying several depots of arms and munitions and killing or injuring a large number of terrorists.


The Al-Nusra Front seized a convoy of the rival Faylaq al-Sham terrorists’ vehicles in Eastern Idlib in yet another indication of intensifying clashes among various terrorist groups in Northern Syria.

Local activists reported that Al-Nusra militants stationed at a checkpoint South of Saraqib have intercepted a convoy of four trucks of Faylaq al-Sham terrorist group.

Al-Nusrah militants seized the vehicles which were laden with weapons and ammunitions, and detained Abu Adas, Faylaq’s commander who was leading the convoy.

Faylaq al-Sham issued an ultimatum to Al-Nusra to release the convoy and the commander before midnight or wait for bloody clashes.

The showdown comes two weeks after Al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham (a close ally to Faylaq) signed a ceasefire following fierce clashes in North Idlib which killed up to 50 militants from all sides.

Also on Wednesday, over 7,700 terrorists and their family members are to leave Arsal heights in Eastern Lebanon for Idlib city in Northwestern Syria based on an agreement between the Lebanese Hezbollah Movement and gunmen, an Arab media outlet reported.

The Arabic-language Elam al-Harbi reported that 7,777 terrorists and their family members will soon be relocated from Arsal heights to the militant-held regions in Idlib.

Elam al-Harbi further reported that the gunmen and their family members will leave both the regions controlled by the Lebanese Army and the regions that are not.

The media source added that 116 terrorists along with 6,101 family members will leave for Idlib from the first region.

In the meantime, 1,000 terrorists along with 560 family members will leave those regions that are under the control for Idlib.


Another group of gunmen affiliated to the Free Army Syrian Army (FSA) and backed by the US army surrendered to the Syrian Army troops in al-Tanf region in Southern Homs, sources affiliated to terrorist groups disclosed on Wednesday.

The sources said that a group of FSA-affiliated Jeish Maqavir al-Thowrah terrorists has fled its positions in al-Tanf region and surrendered to the Syrian Army troops with their arms and military equipment.

In the meantime, a Syrian army commander said that several groups of Jeish Maqavir al-Thowrah terrorists have handed over their weapons and military hardware to the army men after they surrendered.

Also, some unofficial sources reported that the US Army has decided to leave al-Tanf base and given a 24-hour ultimatum to its militant allies to hand over their weapons.

Also in the past 24 hours, the Syrian Army soldiers, backed up by the country’s Air Force, repelled a heavy offensive of Al-Nusra Front North-West of Homs province, inflicting major casualties on the militants.

The Al-Nusra terrorists deployed in the villages of Taldou, Kafr Laha and al-Tayebeh al-Qarbi stormed the army’s defense lines in the villages of Mareimin and Qurmus, but failed to prevail over the pro-government forces.

The army repelled the attack after inflicting a number of casualties on the terrorists.

In the meantime, the army’s artillery units and warplanes targeted Al-Nusra’s stronghold and bases in the villages of al-Tayebeh Qarbi, Kafr Laha, Taldou and Tal Zahab in Northwestern Homs.


The Syrian Army troops engaged in tough battle with ISIL in Eastern Hama and drove them out of more positions in their push towards Deir Ezzur.

The army men engaged in fierce clashes with ISIL and pushed the terrorists back from several hills and positions overlooking the village of Marina.

The army soldiers also repelled ISIL’s heavy attack near the oil pipeline East of the town of al-Salamiyah, inflicting heavy casualties on the terrorists.

In the meantime, the Syrian Air Force targeted ISIL’s defense lines in the villages of Qalib al-Thor, Salba, al-Dakiliyeh Shamali, al-Dakiliyeh Janoubi and Abu Hanaya in Eastern Hama, leaving a large number of militants dead or wounded and their pick up vehicles destroyed.

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