Syria: Many Al-Qaeda-Linked Terrorists Killed in Continued Army Operations

13920711000314_PhotoIThe Syrian armed forces on Thursday inflicted heavy losses on terrorists in several provinces, killing and injuring a number of them and destroying their arms.
Leader and deputy of the so-called ISIS in Lattakia killed in the province

A unit of the armed forces killed numbers of terrorists, mostly from the so-called “The Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS)” which is affiliated to Al-Qaeda and destroyed their weapons in the Northern countryside of Lattakia.

A military source told SANA that scores of terrorists were killed and injured and 9 cars loaded with weapons and ammunition were destroyed in Khan al-Jouz village.

Abo Ayman al-Iraqi, leader of the so-called “The Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham” in Lattakia Mountains, and his deputy Abo Hamzeh al-Saudi were identified among the dead, in addition to terrorists Hossam al-Haj Mohammad, Mohamad Nour-Eddin Saleh and Alaa-Eddin al-Hashem.

The source added that units of the armed forces killed 32 terrorists and injured 14 others in a special operation that targeted the terrorists’ gatherings in al-Rawdeh village.

Two heavy machine guns mounted on two cars were destroyed in the operations, according to the source, who noted that Jordanian terrorists Othman al-Dahman, Aref al-Ma’ayteh and Asaad al-Dheimi were identified among the dead.

Army destroys rocket launch pads and a mortar in Aleppo countryside

An army unit killed all members of a terrorist group while they were infiltrating towards Dahret Abed Rabbou and al-Showihneh building in the Western countryside of Aleppo, a military source said.

The source added that another army unit destroyed rocket launching pads and a mortar. The unit also destroyed a gathering for the terrorists’ cars and arms with all the terrorists inside them in the villages of Kwaires, al-Jadideh, Irbeed, Kaskis and Rasem al-Abboud.

Dozens of militants were eliminated, their cars which were loaded with weapons, ammunition and explosives were destroyed on al-Bab-Aleppo highway, Kafer Hamra and North of al-Atareb, causing consecutive explosions in the place.

In the city of Aleppo, an army unit killed 5 terrorists and injured 2 others while they were infiltrating to the safe areas in Salah Eddin neighborhood.

Meanwhile 3 terrorists were killed , others injured while they were attempting to infiltrate into the old city of Aleppo from al-Sweiqa and committing looting and killing acts.

Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group eliminated in Idlib

In Idlib, an official source said that a military unit killed members of a terrorist group that belongs to the so-called “the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham” which is linked to Al-Qaeda in Bennish in Idlib countryside including their headman, Abdul Razzaq Jomma Smeisem.

Terrorists’ infiltration attempt from Lebanon foiled in Homs countryside

An army unit foiled a terrorists’ infiltration attempt from Lebanon into Talkalkh, killing many terrorists and injuring others.

An official source said that two terrorist groups tried to enter through al-Ghaydha site into the Syrian territories, where an army unit and border guard members clashed with them, killing six, while the other terrorists fled away to the Lebanese territories.

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