Syria prepares to reopen Aleppo-Latakia Highway for first time since 2012

 The Syrian Minister of Transport Ali Hammoud announced that the ministry has given directives to the Road Transport Corporation to start removing dirt berms via the M-4 Highway that connects Latakia and Aleppo via Saraqib, in preparation for its opening as soon as possible.

Hammoud said in a speech published on the Facebook page of the Syrian Ministry of Transport:

“From the moment the announcement of the liberation of the M-4 road that links between Latakia and Aleppo with a length of 98 km between Latakia and Saraqib, we immediately gave instructions to the Road Transport Corporation to start removing the dirt bands from this road and prepare to open it and rehabilitate it as quickly as possible.”

The Syrian Minister added: “Today we started from Latakia towards Kafriya with a length of 28 km (total length of 98 km), and the work will continue behind our heroic army and receive it for this road, so that it will be directly opened and launch a large economic movement between the port of Latakia and Aleppo Industrial City.”

The Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Thursday that Russia and Turkey have reached a joint agreement on the settlement in Syria after talks in the Kremlin.

“Based on the results of our negotiations, we have agreed on a joint document, the terms of which will be announced by foreign ministers,” Putin told a news conference with his Turkish counterpart.

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