Syria Says EU Decision Hinders Int’l Efforts for Peaceful Settlement


Damascus slammed on Tuesday a decision by the European Union to ease arms embargo against foreign-backed opposition, saying that such decision proves that the European bloc is hindering reaching a political settlement for the current crisis in Syria.

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry spokesman said the EU decision contradicts with “its allegations on commitment to the political solution to the crisis in Syria.”

“The recent EU decision exposes the falsity of their allegations and it proves they are hindering the international efforts aimed at contributing to achieving a political settlement to the crisis in Syria based on national dialogue among the Syrians led by Syria,” the spokesman said according to official news agency, SANA.

“The decision uncovers the political hypocrisy of France and Britain which claim to care about the interests of the Syrian people, while they push at the European Union for taking new decisions to renew the economic sanctions imposed on Syria and supply terrorists in Syria with weapons.”

The spokesman also noted that decision to arm opposition groups like Nusra Front “raises questions about the EU policy in combating terrorism.”

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