Syria slams US Coalition for killing 30 civilians in east Deir Ezzor

The Syrian Foreign Ministry slammed the U.S. Coalition for reportedly killing more than 30 civilians in the eastern countryside Deir Ezzor this week, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) claimed on Saturday morning.

“The illegal international coalition led by Washington cannot justify its treacherous aggression or the arguments it introduced to justify its massacre against the people of al-Baghouz Fawqani and al-Soussah towns in the countryside of al-Boukamal city, which led to the martyrdom of more than 30 civilians and wounding dozens of women and children,” the SANA report claimed, citing the remarks made in the Syrian Foreign Ministry’s letter to the UN Security Council.

In the letter, the Ministry said “the warplanes of the Washington-led illegal coalition carried out a new terrorist criminal act by deliberately targeting innocent Syrian civilians aiming at terrorizing them, prolonging the war on Syria and supporting their defeated tools which collapsed like dominoes in eastern and southern Syria, including Daesh (ISIS), Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist groups affiliated to them.”

The Ministry continued that “on Friday after midnight, the warplanes of the US-led coalition launched intensive airstrikes on the towns of al-Baghouz Fawqani and al-Soussah in a- Boukamal countryside, claiming the lives of 30 civilians, injuring dozens others, mostly children and women, and causing massive destruction to infrastructure and houses.”

The Ministry added that “the death toll is likely to rise as most of the wounded sustained serious injuries and given the difficulty of evacuating the wounded from the under rubble because of the continuous shelling of two towns.”

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