Syria: Terrorist Front One Step Closer to Full Collapse in Eastern Hama


The Syrian Army troops continued their operation and managed to tighten noose on ISIL in Eastern Hama following the pro-government forces’ advances against the terrorist group in the neighboring province of Homs, local sources said on Wednesday.

The army soldiers engaged in fierce clashes with ISIL Southeast of the town of Aqayrabat and took control over the village of al-Mo’adhamiyeh.

Also, the army’s missile units targeted ISIL’s positions in Abu Habilat, al-Hardaneh and Um Meil.

In the meantime, the Russian and Syrian fighter jets bombed heavily ISIL’s positions in areas surrounding the Ibn Wardan Palace, killing tens of terrorists and destroying their military equipment.

Relevant reports said on Monday that the army soldiers continued to hit ISIL terrorists trapped in a region in Eastern Hama and Northeastern Homs and captured the village of Abu Hanaya East of the village of Qalib al-Thor.

In the meantime, the Syrian and Russian fighter jets and the army’s artillery targeted ISIL’s positions in the village of Abu Hanaya, al-Hardaneh and Abu Habilat in Northern Hama, killing tens of terrorists.

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