Syria warns Azerbaijan to not fall into ‘Turkish trap’

Syria has called on the two neighboring countries, Armenia and Azerbaijan, to put an end to the current escalation between them and to settle their dispute by peaceful means.

According to the statement issued by the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was reported by the state-owned Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), Damascus has warned the Azerbaijani government not to fall into the “trap of the Turkish plan” and to respond to the Armenian initiatives calling for calm.

The statement said, “The Syrian Arab Republic expresses deep regret at the confrontations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which claimed the lives of a large number of both sides.”

In its statement, Damascus warned against “blatant Turkish interference in the conflict” between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which “aims to inflame the situation in line with the behavior of the Turkish regime in creating tensions and stoking the fire of sedition in more than one place in the world.”

In turn, the spokeswoman for the Armenian Foreign Ministry, Anna Nagdalian, stated that Turkey has supported Azerbaijan since the 1990s, confirming that Turkey is directly involved in the Azerbaijani aggression.

Turkey has been involved in two major conflicts in Arab world, prompting immense condemnation from the Arab League and increased tension with the government of Syria and the Libyan congress that is based in Tobruk.

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