Syria: Window of Hope after Long Time of Conspiracies

The latest confrontations in Syria have unfolded new developments that could eventually lead to asserting an already perceived theme; the inability of the different rebel and terrorist groups to establish itself as a unified group, let alone inflict decisive and significant defeat on the official government forces. Contrary to this, government forces have been able to achieve significant military achievements and deal the militant groups heavy blows that made them admit that Aleppo’s battle is going to be the last and the most crucial of all battles.

Worthwhile mentioning that the intensity of the recent battles in Aleppo, along with the havoc and destruction that engulfed the city, made many people rethink the real agenda of the rebels and their supporters.

Moreover, many armed groups and individuals in different Syrian towns and villages started to contact the local officials or tribes and families chieftains to interfere and act as mediators with the Syrian official authorities to give them guarantees and assurances so they can drop arms. The mood of different Syrian cities and masses is on change as well; the people have already experienced what kind of horrible alternative, the so-called opposition is offering, so they have come to a kind of collective conclusion, that they would rather stop being passive and act in support of the government.

Now, you can easily find many pro-opposition Syrians who will tell you that the majority of the fighters across different Syrian regions are foreigners who belong to many Arab and non Arab nationalities. Yes, the military aid, and logistics are still flooding into the Syrian territories, yet, the morals of the rebels and militant groups have never been as degraded as it is now. The regional and international powers grew hopeless from any chance to regime change, the local players who were promised an easy and swift regime toppling are lamenting and blaming the wishful thinking and shortsightedness they engulfed themselves in, and they are now aspiring for any new serious salvation attempt. And on the other hand, the government has successfully been able to implement a multifaceted plan, on the military and political levels, that depends on disciplined coordination of the different official apparatuses thus ensuring an efficient level of command and control.

What is the anticipated outcome for the ongoing crisis?

Taken into consideration all the aforementioned developments, the only foreseeable and anticipated solution is a political one. Indeed, the different regional and international parties involved in supporting the military factions have crushed their heads into the Iranian –Russian- Chinese rock, where the three countries pledged to do everything to prevent and resist any military action from outside. They went many steps further in brokering, supporting and facilitating many political initiatives to bring the opposition and the government representatives to set together and negotiate Syrian made workable solutions and not imported or dictated ones from outside. The efforts are gaining momentum and success with the willingness expressed from countries like Egypt and Turkey to join and support.

The Syrian crisis is heading now into a turning point, and the hope, after many regional powers tried their futile conspiracies, is to give chance for rationality to act, hence, the only other alternative is more bloodshed and destruction that will serve only the aims of Israel and other enemies of Syria and its people.

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