Syrian Air Force Delivers Hell from Above While the Syrian Army Advances in Darayya


The battle for the strategic city of Darayya in rural west Damascus is one of the longest ongoing battles and arguably one of the most violent firefights taking place in Syria as both the Syrian Armed Forces and the Islamist rebels from Ajnad Al-Sham continue this tug-of war battle for control.

On Monday morning, the Islamist rebels from Ajnad Al-Sham woke up to the tumultuous sound of bombs exploding around their controlled areas in Darayya; however, this was no isolated incident, it was the Syrian Arab Air Force’ (SAAF) imposing its will on the enemy combatants entrenched inside of the Darayya Association Quarter.

For three straight hours on Monday morning, the Syrian Air Force pounded the city of Darayya, killing several enemy combatants from Ajnad Al-Islam and destroying several buildings that were used by the Islamist rebels for militaristic purposes.

Following this aerial campaign from the Syrian Arab Air Force; it was the Syrian Arab Army’s turn to change the ground situation inside this contested city in rural west Damascus.

The Syrian Arab Army’s Special Forces – in coordination with the National Defense Forces (NDF) of Damascus City and SAA’s only female brigade for the Republican Guard – reportedly captured all of the buildings in Al-Kour Al-Nayash in western Darayya after a series of intense firefights with the Islamist rebels of Ajnad Al-Sham.

Currently, the Islamist rebels are without a supply route to their positions in the city of Darayya; this is due in large part to the Syrian Arab Army’s recent capture of the Mo’adhimiyah-Darayya Road that links their supply route.

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