Syrian Air Force leaps into action over east Damascus ahead of major offensive

The Syrian Arab Air Force has leap into action over the skies of eastern Damascus, softening up militant defenses with strikes ahead of a major offensive operation against armed rebel groups operating near the Syrian capital.

After three days of very limited operations over Damascus, Syrian airpower kicked-off a new wave of intensive strikes against armed rebel groups in the capital’s the East Ghouta region.

The bombardment started on, and has been going on ever since, the early morning hours of Thursday.

According to military-affiliated sources, Syrian warplanes conducted tactical airstrikes against militant positions and gathering across several key frontline areas of eastern Damascus including Rayhan, the Douma Orchards, Ayn Tarma and Harasta.

The bombardment comes as the Syrian Army is making preparations for major offensive in East Ghouta with military-affiliated sources noting the arrival of new forces – armor, artillery and veteran shock troops among them – which have just concluded operations against ISIS and other militant groups in the country’s northwest.

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