Syrian Air forces renew strikes amid heavy fighting at Turkey- Syria border


Fierce fighting is continuing between Syrian Army Forces and Armed Mercenaries entering Syria from Turkish territory facilitated by the Turkish authorities, who intensified their involvement earlier following the large offensive launched by the Syrian Arab Army against their Terrorists surrounding “Nabaa’ Al-Mur” which led to major losses for the Terrorists, with the heaviest fighting now raging around Kesab – Jabal Al-Nasr – Al-Sakhra Point and “Nabaa’ Al-Mur”, as reports of Terrorists withdrawing earlier from the area around “Nabaa Al-Mur” after devastating blows inflicted by Syrian Forces, with an estimate of around 80 carcasses of Terrorists strewn in the area, while the Syrian Air Force has renewed strikes against Armed Terrorists, after a short break following the downing of the Syrian jet earlier by the Turkish army in an attempt to slow down the extermination of their Terrorists.

source: Akhbaria

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