Syrian Aircraft Drop Surrender Leaflets over Terrorists in Jisr al-Shoughor



The Syrian air force dropped a series of leaflets over the militant-held city of Jisr al-Shoughor early Monday morning, giving the Takfiri terrorists yet another chance to lay down their arms and surrender to the army.

As the Syrian air force operations over Idlib province has been intensified in recent days, they began dropping the leaflets, the practice that the government follows in parallel with hitting the militants.

The leaflets, in which the government illuminated the real picture of crisis in the war-torn country after recent victories by the pro-government forces, also called on the civilians in the city to refuse giving any shelter to the militants.

The move comes as the Syrian army has gained momentum in its advances in the Northwester province of Idlib.

During recent days, the Syrian fighter jets has been carrying out intensified air raids on militants’ strongholds across the Northwestern province of Idlib, delivering heavy losses and damage on them.

As on Sunday, while infantry and  artillery attacks on militants defense line still going on, the Syrian Army’s artillery units have been pounding two strategic towns in the Northern regions of Idlib province, inflicting heavy loss and damage on them.

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