Syrian Armed Forces Restore Calm to Several Villages in Hama Province


Residents in several villages in the Central Hama province are now feeling more secure after the Syrian army targeted rebels’ temporary gathering centers and killed scores of them.

The terrorists of al-Nusra Front and Ahrar al-Sham evacuated their forces from Tal Milh, al-Jbin and al-Hmimat in Hama’s Northern countryside due to massive offensives of the Syrian army to liberate occupied farms, which resulted in the killing of a large number of the terrorists, including Mohammad Nayef al-Saeed.

Meantime, a depot of weapons and ammunitions were targeted by the army’s artillery shelling in the nearby village of al-Latamina.

Since 2011, Syria has been faced massive insurgency created by the certain Western countries and their regional allies that staged a propagandistic war against Damascus.

At the beginning of crisis, certain western powers and their regional allies voiced loudly that Syrian protests have no diplomatic solution, and then they started supplying the country’s opposition groups with their arms and funds.

But in 2014, specially after victory of President Bashar al-Assad in the country’s presidential election in summer, the army has gained upper hand in its anti-terrorism campaign, and has been partly successful in sealing borders with Turkey and Jordan.

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