Syrian Army and terrorists engage in heavy clashes in southern Idlib

For the third time in the last 72 hours, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and terrorists have traded attacks in the southern countryside of the Idlib Governorate.

According to a field report from the Idlib Governorate, the jihadist rebels of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) fired several artillery shells towards the Syrian Arab Army’s positions in the Jabal Shashabo area, Saturday, prompting the latter to respond with a heavy barrage of their own.

The report said the Syrian Army and jihadist rebels are still exchanging hostilities in southern Idlib this afternoon, despite the existence of a fragile ceasefire.

No information was given in regards to total casualties suffered by either side.

Over the last few days, the clashes between the Syrian Army and jihadist rebels have intensified in the southern countryside of Idlib.

Tensions have been running high in this region, as the Syrian Army has repeatedly demanded the jihadist rebels adhere to the March 5th Moscow Agreement, while the militants reject it.

Per the Moscow Agreement, the militants were supposed to withdraw from all areas south of the M-4 Highway (Aleppo-Latakia Highway) and another 6 kilometers north of it.

However, despite these demands, the militant forces have yet to withdraw from any areas, prompting the Syrian Army to become more aggressive in southern Idlib.

In response to the militant rejection, the Syrian Arab Army has been amassing troops at this front, with reports of a new offensive coming in the next few weeks.

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