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Syrian Army attacks terrorist forces along southern Idlib front-lines

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) attacked a group of jihadist rebels that recently gathered along the southern Idlib front-lines on Monday.

According to a field report, the Syrian Arab Army attacked the jihadist forces at the southern axes of Sufahan and Al-Bara, resulting in a fierce exchange of gunfire and artillery.

The reports said the militants had brought reinforcements to the front-lines, which is a violation of the Moscow Agreement.

Per the Moscow Agreement, which was established on March 5th, the jihadist rebels must completely withdraw from the territories south of the M-4 Highway (Aleppo-Latakia Highway).

However, despite the agreement, the militants have refused to leave these areas and continue to block the joint Turkish-Russian patrols along the M-4 Highway.

A source from the Syrian Arab Army previously told Al-Masdar that the militants are running out of time to withdraw, as they have refused to leave the area within the deadline of the Moscow Agreement.

The Syrian Arab Army has already moved reinforcements to this front, along with heavy armory, including tanks and armored personnel carriers (APC), as they anticipate a new offensive in the coming weeks.

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