Syrian Army Comes to Lay Siege on Turkish Soldiers in East Aleppo


The Syrian Army troops’ advances against ISIL in Eastern Aleppo will soon end up in not just pushing the terrorist group back from the Northern parts of the country, but laying a full siege on the Turkish forces and the Ankara-backed militants that are operating under the Euphrates Shield Operation, military sources said on Monday.

The sources who requested anonymity, said that the army soldiers’ control over the town of Tadif South of al-Bab has established another contact line with the forces of the Turkey-backed Euphrates Shield forces.

They added that if the Syrian government troops continue their advances against ISIL in Eastern Aleppo towards the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, the Euphrates Shield forces will be trapped in a circle of the army men in the towns of al-Bab and Baza’a.

The sources went on to say that if the Syrian army forces manage to reach the SDF positions, the Manbij road will be  cut off and the Euphrates Shield forces will have no way out to march in Northern Syrian any further, but to engage in clashes with the Syrian soldiers or Kurdish fighters.

The sources said that the Syrian soldiers are now in areas only 13km away from SDF positions after their recent advances in lands Southeast of Tadif and their control over Khan Qayar and Abu Jabbar.

“The Syrian army has reached areas 26km in distance from the Assad Lake after taking control over the strategic Salim Mountain and its advances in Shahnaseh, al-Shami and Roweideh al-Bab.”

“In the meantime, the Syrian soldiers are just 4km away from the town of Deir Hafer that will be the government troops’ platform for a fresh operation towards Maskana that is considered as the entrance of Raqqa province,” the sources underscored.

Media sources reported earlier today that clashes erupted between the Syrian Army troops and Ankara-backed militants of the Euphrates Shield Operation in the town of al-Bab East of Aleppo province.

Sham times news website reported that the army soldiers have been engaged in heavy fighting with forces of the Turkey-led Euphrates Shield Operation near the town of al-Bab on Sunday night.

Sham times added that regions between the town of Tadif that was captured by the Syrian army yesterday and the Southern outskirts of al-Bab have been witnessing a second round of fierce clashes between the army soldiers and Turkey-backed militants.

The clashes came after the army men managed to take control over the key town of Tadif South of al-Bab.

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