Syrian Army Continues Advance on Several Axes in Rural Aleppo


The Syrian army advanced on several axes in Aleppo countryside and entered the free zone after it controlled Al-Amusalamiyah amid collapses in the ranks of the insurgents, sources told Al-Manar Website.Syrian army

The sources reported that the Syrian army controlled Al-Amusalamiyah village in northeast of Aleppo in light of the withdrawal of a large number of militants following the killing of dozens of them.
Reports said yesterday that the Syrian army continued its advances in the Northern province of Aleppo and regained control over three more strategic areas in the region.

“The army units took control of Al-Jabaliyeh village, a cement factory and a strategic government building in the Northern parts of the Aleppo Central Prison after striking heavy blows on the positions of the militant groups there,” informed military sources said.

According to the sources, the army killed tens of the militants and injured dozens more in the clashes, while others were forced to flee the battlefield.

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