Syrian Army controls 80% of al-Qusair-west neighborhood

51a5f4fd41fcbyrian Arab Army has achieved on Wednesday’ morning 29 May 2013 a progress in the battles fought in the city of al-Qusair, while managed to extend its control over a village in the countryside of Homs. And carried out battles against the headquarters of al-Qaeda headquarter in the countryside of Lattakia.

Army extended its control over 80% of the West neighborhood after fierce battles fought constantly with the militia stationed in al-Qusiar and was able to detect tunnels and dismantling mines planted by militants, as the army continues to fight the deadliest clashes with militias in North neighborhood.

Breaking News correspondent in Homs pointed out in another context that the army extended its control over the village of al-Dweir in Homs, after killing about 35 militants, who committed a massacre against a number of residents yesterday.

4 Saudis and 30 Syrians of al-Qaeda have been in Lattakia countryside

Syrian Arab Army carried out a series of operations against al-Qaeda headquarters in the countryside of the city.

Breaking News Network correspondent in Lattakia pointed out that four Saudis of al-Qaeda were killed after the mentioned military operations, while also killed about thirty Syrians of the said organization.

The correspondent pointed out that each of the Saudis, Ahmed al-Khashrami, Ammar al-Awsari, Abdulrahman al-Shaykhli and Omar al-Khersteh have been killed in the operation carried out by the army in the village of Rihaniya.

Detecting stolen goods worth 4 billion pounds sold to Turks dealers

Syrian security forces carried out a successful operation across it managed to recover extremely important stolen goods in Deir Ezzor.

Syrian security forces clashed with a group of gunmen in the village of al-Husseiniya and managed to kill all the members of the group and restore the stolen items that were in their possession.

According to media sources that the loot is huge equipment belonging to the Syrian Railways and looted by insurgents and they sell it to Turks dealers.

The source added that the value of the stolen items is over 4 billion Syrian pounds and is now safe and has not been damaged at all.

Military operations continue in the countryside of Edlib

Military operations continued in the villages of Edlib when units of Abu al-Zuhur military airport destroyed 3 sites for militants in the towns of al-Tera’a, Abu al-Zuhur, al-Bwaiti adjacent to the airport and terminated large numbers of armed men were of different nationalities non-Syrian and dismantled 15 explosive device during combing the road between the Ter’a town north-west side and access to the airport weighing 30-40 kg.

Breaking News Network correspondent in Edlib pointed out that army units targeted a building in the city of Ma’arrat Numan during a meeting of armed militias leaders inside and destroyed a site in the town of Shannan town in Jaba al-Zawieh, which led to the killing and wounding dozens of militants and destroying two cars and spoilage of another.

Finally our reporter said that the army units targeted stationing points of armed militias inside the youth camp – and West Foundation of Conservative and civic clubs in villages of Harbanoosh, Sarjeh, Kafrlata and Majdaliya inEdlib countryside, led to the the killing and wounding a number of militants and destroyed a number of their vehicles.

The release of 32 detainees in Tartous

Relevant agencies in Tartous released a number of detainees on the background of the events of al-Beida village.

Our reporter said it was the release of the 32 detainees on the background of events in Ras al-Nabea and al-Beida in Banias and Tartous Governor pointed out that “these measures come in order to maintain youth and the role of the state by guiding them to the path of righteousness

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