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Syrian Army enhances its military abilities in Edlib countryside to protect “17” brigade


Syrian Arab Army has confronted an armed attack triggered by Free Army on the location of “17” brigade near Raqqa, while Syrian Army reinforcement heads toward Hesh town of Edlib countryside.

The correspondent of Breaking News Network in Raqqa indicates that the armed attack carried out by Raqqa Islamic Front, while the Syrian Army’s respond results in the death of dozens of the armed men, including snipers.

The reporter adds that Syrian Army has destroyed 4 armored cars and BRDM vehicle and 4 anti-crafts artilleries and 4 canons caliber 23, as it has abled to destroy 18 cars most of them are provided by heavy Mchin guns on the northern entrance of Raqqa city.

In the same context, the reporter states that “units of Syrian forces have clashes with armed men in al-Hweqa neighborhood of Deir Ezzor and kills a number of them, including Radwan al-Terq, as they have confronted an armed launch on al-Jbele neighborhood near al-Ferdos mosque killing and injuring many of the insurgents, including Yasser al-Hamoud.

Finally, the reporter says that “units of Syrian Army have clashed with a group of the armed men in al-Sena’a neighborhood killing Jumaa al-Samir and a number of his group, while units of the Syrian Army have hit gathers for the armed men in al-Hamidieh neighborhood, inclusing Sa’id al-Hwash.

Reinforcements for Syrian Army head towards Edlib countryside.

Units of Syrian Arab Army has hit the locations of Free Army members in Qastal al-Berj, al-Sarmine, Hlouz, al-Tayebat and al-Barde, what resulted in the death and the injury of dozens of the armed men, in addition to the destruction to a number of their machines.

The operations of Syrian Army continue to hit the positions of the gunmen in Saraqeb, Kafruheen, Ma’ar Masreen, Majdalie and Binnish, which resulted in the death and the injury of numbers of them and the destruction of numerous of their machines.

The reporter of Breaking News Network in Edlib points out that the military reinforcements for Syrian Army advances near Hesh town, while armed conflicts continue in Ma’art al-Numan asound Wadi al-Def and al-Hamidie

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