Syrian army enters Homs

Syrian army enters HomsThe Syrian Army has entered the ancient districts of the city of Homs.

According to IRIB World Service, citing AFP, Homs Governor-General, Talal Al-Barazi, said: Syrian Armed Forces arrived in the ancient districts of the city of Homs, on Friday, and started to defuse bombs.
Homs governor-general added that the ancient districts of Homs are currently safe and gunmen have evacuated this region.
This Syrian official said that in the upcoming days the economic sectors of Homs will be activated, and upon the return of residents to their homes and hearths, ordinary life will once again be resumed over there.
Homs governor-general pointed out that gunmen, via explosion of residential and governmental buildings, have razed this city to the ground.
He underscored that the recent agreement of the Syrian government with gunmen which led to pull out of terrorists from Homs was a successful plan and this plan can be implemented throughout other regions, too.

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