Syrian Army fends off terrorist infiltration attempt in northern Hama


On Sunday, the terrorists attempted to infiltrate the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) lines along the northern axis of the Hama province, a military communique read.

Led by the Jaysh Al-Izza faction of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), the terrorists quietly tried to bypass the Syrian Arab Army’s posts near the towns of Zaleen and Shaliyout in northern Hama.

According to the military communique, the Syrian Arab Army’s scouts observed Jaysh Al-Izza’s movements towards these two towns, prompting them to inform their command of the Islamist group’s plans.

The Syrian Arab Army would open fire on the Islamist rebels before they could reach their lines around Zaleen and Shaliyout.

As a result, the Syrian Army was able to thwart Jaysh Al-Izza’s infiltration attempt, forcing the latter to fully abandon their operation after suffering several casualties.

With the situation around the demilitarized zone quickly deteriorating, more infiltration attempts by the terrorists are expected in the near future.

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