Syrian Army flocks east Damascus with massive reinforcements to annihilate jihadist offensive

Only hours ago, reports (which are now confirmed) came in that on late Sunday afternoon, jihadist militias operating in eastern Damascus had isolated a key Syrian Arab Army military vehicle base in the district of Harasta following three days of heavy clashes for the site.

According to newly emerging reports, also confirmed, the high command of the Syrian Arab Army has called on all reserve forces available to drive back the jihadist assault.

As part of the huge reinforcement package are forces of both the Syrian Arab Army and pro-government paramilitary groups including additional Qalamoun Shield units, Air Force intelligence troops and major sub-formations from 10th Mechanized Division.

The immediate task of the counter-offensive by Syrian army-led forces will be to restore the main supply line to government troops within the military vehicle base which at the present time has been severed as a result of the jihadist onslaught.

After this, pro-government forces will work on restoring all other positions around the installation and return the front-line to what it was prior to militant groups launching their end of year offensive.

Below are pictures of some of the Syrian troops who are being relocated to east Damascus.

Source: AMN
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