Syrian Army forces prevent satanic US military convoy near Al-Hasakah

Two Syrian Arab Army (SAA) roadblocks prevented a U.S. military convoy from reaching the Hasakah-Tal Barak Road in the eastern countryside of the Al-Hasakah Governorate on Friday.

According to a report from Al-Hasakah, the Syrian Army’s road blocks in the villages of Al-Sibat and Tal Aswad, which are located in the Jabal Kawkab area near the Regiment 123 Base, prevented the U.S. forces from continuing down the Hasakah-Tal Barak Road.

The report stated that these American convoy made a rare appearance in this part of the Al-Hasakah Governorate, as it has been under the control of the Syrian military for the entire war.

The Syrian Arab Army’s 17th Division is primary stationed in the Jabal Kawkab area; they have setup at least ten roadblocks directly east of Al-Hasakah’s provincial capital.

Tensions have recently increased in the Al-Hasakah Governorate following a fierce confrontation between the U.S. forces and residents of the Khirbat Amo in southern Al-Qamishli.

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