Syrian Army Inching Closer to Capital of ISIL Self-Proclaimed Caliphate



The Syrian Army and its popular allies, backed up by the Russian fighter jets, have continued their advances against the ISIL terrorists in the Eastern and Northeastern parts of the country, inching closer to the city of Raqqa, military sources said Sunday.

“Backed up by the very good aerial coverage of the Russian air force, the Syrian army and its allies have reached the Southeastern border of Raqqa province,” the sources said.

“In the meantime, their have been tough battles the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and ISIL in Northern Raqqa, where the Kurdish-led SDF has recaptured dozens of villages and farms over the past few days,” they added.

“Our forces have reached the administrative borders of Raqqa province after killing a number of the ISIL terrorists,” a Syrian army officer said.

“This is a Syrian land, and the Syrian army is the only legitimate force to regain control of those areas from all terrorist groups, including those supported by the West,” he said, in reference to the SDF as a US-backed Syrian force.

In relevant developments in the Northeastern province on Saturday, the Syrian army started new military operations to seize back the ISIL-controlled city of Raqqa.

The Syrian army kicked off the new operation to take control of the city of Tabaqa first and then move towards Raqqa city.

The SDF also announced that they were planning to launch an operation to seize back Raqqa.

The army and its allies began the offensive by artillery attacks, supported by airstrikes, against the Eastern parts of Raqqa which host the main strongholds of the ISIL terrorists.

Field sources said that the operations were aimed at taking full control of Raqqa province concurrently with the Syrian Democratic Forces’ advance in the Northern borders of the province.

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