Syrian Army intercepts US military convoy near Qamishli, refuses to give access to road

Earlier this week, a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) unit intercepted a U.S. military convoy that was attempting to bypass their forces in the Al-Qamishli countryside.

According to a field report from the Al-Qamishli countryside, the U.S. military convoy attempted to bypass the Syrian Army’s checkpoint, but were blocked by the forces at the post.

The report said the Syrian Army troops at the checkpoint refused to give way to the U.S. military convoy and repeatedly demanded they turn around and find another route in northern Al-Hasakah.

No clashes were reported between the two parties; however, the report said the Syrian Army was more aggressive than usual, as several soldiers were involved in obstruction.

These interception incidents have become frequent in northeastern Syria since the start of the new year, as the Syrian Army and their Russian counterparts seek the complete withdrawal of the U.S. forces from Syria.

Making the situation worse in northeastern Syria is the recent implementation of the “Caesar Act”, which targets all government institutions inside the Arab Republic.

These sanctions have been met with heavy protest from the government and people, as the U.S.-imposed act seeks to target the Arab Republic’s economy with a greater intensity than before.

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