Syrian Army involved in heavy clashes with ISIS terrorists in eastern Homs

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), alongside the National Defense Forces (NDF), confronted ISIS terrorists in eastern Homs on Thursday, a field source told Al-Masdar News.

According to the military source, the Syrian Army engaged a group of Islamic State militants in a fierce firefight in the mountainous area of the Badiya Al-Sham region.

The source said the Syrian Army and NDF were able to repel the Islamic State terrorists that were attempting to infiltrate their positions in the eastern countryside of the Homs Governorate.

The Islamic State has attempted to take advantage of the COVID-19 outbreak by launching several attacks inside Syria and Iraq.

Using hit-and-run attacks, the Islamic State has been able to wreak havoc in several parts of Syria and Iraq, prompting both countries to increase their border security to prevent the terrorists from slipping back and forth between their nations.

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