Syrian Army killed 32 terrorists including 9 leaders, Saudis, 2 Turks in Al-Rihaniye in Lattakia

Syrian Army Units destroyed a terrorist hideout in the village of
Al-Rihaniye in Lattakia countryside, eliminating 32 terrorist including 9
group leaders, among them a Saudi called Abu Suhaim Al-Qusaibi, and two
Turks, one of them nicknamed Abu Abdullah and Abdelrahman Talak.

Abdelkader Ali, Khashar Sheikh Bustani, Ismael al-Qassab, Ahmad Omar Mkhalalati,
Saleh Hamado and Abo Hussein al-Turkmani were also identified among the
terrorists killed in this operation which also resulted in destroying
vehicles including one used for electronic jamming.

Army units
eliminated dozens of terrorists and injured others, most of them
foreigners, in the villages of Al-Shmaimseh, Al-Muaitmeh, Al-Rawda,
Al-Derra, Beit Shrouq, Ablaq, Drushan, Al-Taraf, Salma and Al-Koum,
destroying a number of vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns.
– Sana
Al-Rihaniye in Lattakia

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