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Syrian Army launches attack along southern Idlib front-lines

The Syrian Arab Army launched a new attack on the jihadist defenses along the southern Idlib front-lines.

According to a field report from the southern countryside of the Idlib Governorate, the Syrian Arab Army once again struck the defenses of the jihadist rebels after they moved more forces to the front-lines near the town of Al-Bara’.

The field report said the Syrian Army heavily targeted the jihadist defenses with artillery and missiles, prompting some of the militants to abandon their positions.

The Syrian Army has been closely monitoring the jihadist movements around the Jabal Al-Zawiya region of Idlib for several weeks now; however, despite the March 5th Moscow Agreement, the militant forces continue to move their fighters to areas south of the M-4 Highway (Aleppo-Latakia Highway.

Per the March 5th agreement, the militant forces are supposed to have withdrawn all of their fighters 6km north of the M-4 Highway, but they have refused to do so.

In response to the militant refusal to leave this area, the Syrian Army has continued to target their positions across the Jabal Al-Zawiya region, with occasional attacks in the eastern countryside of Idlib.

Turkey, in response to these attacks, has threatened to strike the Syrian Army and they have so in the Aleppo Governorate.

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