Syrian Army makes progress in pursuing terrorists in Damascus Countryside


Army units eliminated at least 40 terrorists while pursuing them between the towns of Maaloula and al-Sarkha in Damascus countryside, while another unit prevented terrorists from detonating 5 explosive devices planted in al-Uruba street on the Deir Attiya-Nabek road and rigged for remote detonation.

A number of terrorists including snipers were eliminated in Jobar area, and members of a terrorist group including a sniper called Safwan were likewise eliminated in Harasta area.

An army unit eliminated 19 terrorists in the town of Douma, including Khalil al-Beshesh.

In the town of Sheba’a, army units eliminated terrorists including Saad Hawara, arrested others, and destroyed weapons and ammo they had loaded in cars, while a unit destroyed a workshop for manufacturing explosive in the town of al-Bayyad east of Sheba’a.

Army units pursued members of a terrorist group on the outskirts of the town of Beit Sahm, eliminating most of them and destroying their weapons and ammo.

A warehouse containing terrorists’ ammo and rockets was destroyed in the town of al-Ziyabiye during a series of precise operations in which the army eliminated a number of terrorists including Aous Hadrous, while another unit destroyed a 23mm anti-aircraft gun and eliminated a number of terrorists in the town of al-Husseiniye.

Army units clashed with terrorists in the town of Hejjeira, destroying a mortar launcher, vehicles and equipment the terrorists had been using, while another unit inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists in the town of Bebila.

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