Syrian Army officially enters military post after last Turkish troops withdraw

On Thursday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) entered the Turkish observation post at the Al-Kurani factory, located on the Aleppo-Damascus International Highway.

According to reports, the Syrian Arab Army entered the observation post after the Turkish military finished withdrawing from the area this week.

A Sputnik field correspondent in Aleppo said that the operations of dismantling the point by the Turkish forces continued over the past 24 hours, until they finally withdrew the last of their troops at noon on Thursday.

The reporter said that the trucks and vehicles that exited were loaded with all the equipment and supplies of the point, and also carried on board the Turkish soldiers withdrawing from this observation post in southwestern Aleppo.

The trucks leaving the checkpoint took the M-5 Highway (Aleppo-Damascus Highway) and headed directly towards the Idlib countryside.

After the withdrawal from the Al-Kurani point near the town of Al-Zurba, which was preceded by the withdrawal of the Turkish forces from Rashideen 5 and Sheikh Aqil posts, the presence of the Turkish observation points surrounded by the Syrian Arab Army in the countryside of Aleppo has become limited to only two.

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