Syrian Army, Popular Forces Inching Closer to Quaryatayn in Homs Province



The Syrian Army and its popular allies have continued their advances against the ISIL terrorists in Western Homs province, inching closer to the ancient Assyrian town of Quaryatayn, military sources said Saturday.

“The Syrian Arab Army’s 43rd and 63rd brigades of the 4th Mechanized Division and popular forces have been storming the gates of Quaryatayn after launching a surprise assault at the Western perimeter of this ancient town this morning,” the sources said.

According to a military source from the 11th Tank Division, the Syrian Armed Forces managed to break-through the ISIL stiff lines of defense this morning, paving the way for them to reach Quaryatayn’s Western gates at 11 a.m. (Damascus Time).

The source further added that the Syrian Armed Forces received a major boost from the Russian helicopters that are participating in the battle for the first time.

Report had informed on Friday that the Syrian army was preparing for massive offensive against the ISIL Takfiri terrorists’ positions in the strategic town of Quaryatayn as large reinforcements arrived in the region.

The Syrian army’s 4th Mechanized Division sent a large number of its troops and military hardware to Quaryatayn to help the army conduct its military operations there.

The 43rd and 63rd brigades of the 4th Mechanized Division from Damascus were redeployed to the Eastern part of Qalamoun in order to help liberate Quaryatayn and Mahsa’a from the remaining ISIL terrorists.

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