Syrian Army Preparing to Lift ISIL’s Siege on Deir Ezzur Airbase


Deir Ezzur Governor General Mohammad Ibrahim Samra said on Wednesday that the Syrian Army troops are getting ready to launch an imminent operation to remove ISIL terrorists’ siege of the military airport in the Southern outskirts of Deir Ezzur city.

Ibrahim Samra said that the army will start another operation to lift ISIL’s siege of Deir Ezzur’s airbase in the coming hours.

“In the coming hours, the advancing units of the Syrian army will start fresh operation to break ISIL’s siege of Deir Ezzur’s military airfield, as well as the civilian quarters of Harabush, Jafrah and al-Sina’ah,” Samra said.

“The coalition has played a negative role in the clashes in our region. It has destroyed a lot of our buildings, schools, bridges, universities, power stations and other important objects in the province. All this actions supported the terrorists. Yesterday, the coalition opened fire on civilians. A lot of people died in the regions of al Salehiyeh, al Mayadeen and Albu Kamal,” Samra said.

Samra went on to say that the airstrikes by the Russian and Syrian fighter jets have destroyed a lot of ISIL’s strongholds including those in the regions of al-Baqaliyeh, al-Ayyash, Ein Abu Juma, al Tabna, Mount Thardah and al Tih.

On Tuesday, the army troops entered the 137th Artillery Brigade Base in the Western outskirts of Deir Ezzur city, lifting the ISIL terrorists’ siege of the city after approximately 1,100 days.

The army soldiers, backed up by the country’s Air Force and Russian fighter jets, prevailed over the last strongholds of ISIL in the Western outskirts of Deir Ezzur city and reached positions of their comrades in the 137th Artillery Brigade Base, the sources said, adding that ISIL’s siege of Deir Ezzur city has ended after more than three years.

The sources added that a number of the army forces and military vehicles entered the 137th Artillery Brigade Base via a newly-set corridor.

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