Syrian Army Recaptures Several Strategic Areas in Eastern Homs


The Syrian army continued its advances in Eastern Homs and seized back several new areas after managing to push back the ISIL terrorists in fierce clashes on Thursday.

The Syrian army units took control of Jahar intersection and also five of its surrounding regions.

The Damascus government troops, moreover, won back Western al-Boyezeh village and moved towards Hayan gas factory in Eastern Homs.

In a relevant development earlier on Thursday, the Syrian army and its allied forces continued their military operations to boost security of T4 airbase in the Eastern part of Homs province and managed to take full control of vast areas in the vicinity of the airbase.

The Syrian army seized back Baner Fazeh, Fazeh Farm and Western Qasr al-Heir in Eastern Homs province after several hours of clashes with the terrorists.

A military source said that the Syrian troops have taken control of vast lands to the south of T4 airbase as they are still continuing their advances towards the airbase.

“The ISIL terrorist group has sustained heavy losses in this operation with over 30 casualties and losing over seven military vehicles,” the source added.

The Syrian Army troops continued their large-scale offensives against ISIL’s positions in Eastern Homs and managed to tack back a number of heights in al-Tayas chain of mountains, inflicting major losses on the terrorists.

The army men stormed ISIL’s concentration centers and positions to the Northeast of T4 airbase and drove ISIL out of the rest of the terrorist-held heights in al-Tayas chain of mountains, winning full control over the mountains.

The army soldiers could also advance against ISIL and won back several positons near the strategic crossroad of Jahar, killing several terrorists and destroying their vehicles.

On Tuesday, the army men stormed ISIL’s positions in Eastern Homs and took back the village of Abu Tawaleh Southeast of the airbase.

The army soldiers also managed to seize back Ba’ar al-Abu Tawaleh region after hours of non-stop battle with terrorists.

A military source said that the army also kicked off an operation against ISIL Southeast of T4 airbase towards the region of Mafraq al-Jahar and forced the terrorists to retreat in the early hours of clashes.

The source added that the army men were trying hard to capture the villages, heights and ponds Southeast of T4 airbase to further advance against terrorists in the Southern countryside of the town of Palmyra.

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