Syrian Army resumes western Aleppo offensive to capture militant stronghold

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) resumed their offensive in western Aleppo on Tuesday in a big to capture the remaining areas under jihadist control in the area.

According to a field report from the Aleppo Governorate, the Syrian Arab Army is pressing westward along the Atarib Road, as they try to capture one of the last remaining militant strongholds in this region.

The report said the Syrian Arab Army is approaching Atarib from its western axis after they launched a new attack from the nearby Regiment 46 Base in western Aleppo.

No major advances have been reported as of yet, but intense clashes are ongoing west of Atarib.

On Sunday, the Syrian Arab Army achieved a major advance in Aleppo after they secured the provincial capital and captured the Anadan Plain region in the Greater Aleppo area.

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