Syrian Army reverses jihadist gains in northern Latakia


Last night,his evening, jihadist rebels launched a surprise offensive in Latakia, targeting Syrian Arab Army (SAA) positions near the strategic town of Kinsibba on the Turkmen Mountains (Jabal al-Turkmen).

The offensive started with heavy artillery and missile shelling on the hills of Tall Rasha and Ruwysat Rasho; these attacks served as a warning to the Syrian forces to prepare their defenses.

Initally, due to the heavy shelling by the jihadist rebels, SAA withdrew their forces from Ruwysat Rasho aiming to avoid unnecessary casualties.

Following their withdrawal from this village, the Syrian Arab Army would regroup and launch a swift counter-assault that resulted in the recapture of Ruwysat Rasho this morning.

According to a military source, the jihadist rebel media made false claims about killing dozens of Syrian Arab Army soldiers in northern Latakia tonight, as there was little-to-no firefights near Kinsibba tonight.


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