Syrian Army scores major advance in ISIS-held Hama, many areas liberated


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has just scored another major advance in the northeastern countryside of the Hama Governorate, today, liberating at least seven towns from the so-called Islamic State (ISIS).

Led by their elite Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army advanced from the recently liberated towns of Ma’sran, Abu Al-Khayr, and Buyoud Sifaf towards another group of towns to the north of their positions.

The Syrian Army’s Tiger Forces were then able to take full control of Abu Khanadiq, Abu Kharayj, Rasm A-Mafakr Al-Hlo, Rasm Al-Mafkar Al-Malha, Rasm Al-Kbar, Khirbet Um Rajoum, Shour, and Tal Al-Shour in northeast Hama.

According to a military source in Damascus, the Syrian Army is expected to make more gains inside this large ISIS pocket in northeast Hama, as they look to clear the final remnants of this terrorist group from Syria.

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