Syrian Army Scores More Victories against Terrorists in Eastern Damascus



Syrian Army troops engaged in fierce clashes with terrorist groups in Eastern Ghouta and took full control over more key lands, inflicting major losses on the militants.

The army soldiers hit terrorist centers hard near the town of Harazma and took back the Missile Battalion Base (Katibat al-Savarikh), Harazma cemetery, a strategic square that overlooks Harazma town and more positions, killing or wounding a number of militants in hours long battle.

Also, the army troops managed to advance against militants North of Harazma farms and in another flank towards Tal (hill) Farzat, and seized control of al-Akrad (Kurds) grand mosque.

In relevant developments in the province last week, Syrian Army troops repelled Jeish al-Islam’s offensive on their positions in Eastern Ghouta and then in a rapid counterattack pushed the militants back from the battlefield, capturing the Air Defense Battalion Base to the Northeast of Damascus city.

The army men fended off Jeish al-Islam’s attack on their strongholds in Eastern Ghouta, killing and wounding a number of militants near the Air Defense Battalion Base.

Then, the army troops launched a powerful counterattack on the militants’ lines, targeting the farms and military base Northeast of the militant-held town of Hazrama.

The army’s rapid counterattack resulted in the capture of the Air Defense Base in Hazrama’s Northeastern outskirts.

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