Syrian Army thwarts possible suicide bombing of 7- tons of C4

5190ca73d8b9eSyrian Army has freed two villages of al-Qusair city that is one of the most important strongholds for al-Qaeda in Syria that is besieged by Syrian Army, while members of Free Army militia fire missiles on the villages that surround al-Qusair area, as in Edlib, Syrian Army frustrates a suicide bombing carried out by Free Army militia using 7 tons of the explosive devices.

Syrian Army announces al-Haidaria and Esh al-Warwar towns of al-Qusair countryside as secured areas after severe battles took place with the fighters of Free Army militia and inflecting them heavy losses.

Our correspondent point out that armed men has reacted on their defeat by bombarding 3 missiles on many villages controlled by Syrian Army claiming heavy material damages.
Finally, our correspondent in Homs points out that a car has exploded during trapping it by gunmen in Bab Hood area inside Homs city killing many militants

Syrian Army frustrates a 7 tons suicide bombing.

Syrian Arab Army has foiled a suicide bomber tried to blow him-self up by a bulldozer loaded by 7 tons of C4 explosive material near the military camp for youths near al-Nerab town of Areeha-Saraqeb road.

A military source declares that the security guards of the camp has seized tha bulldozer and exploded it before it reaches its goal by 200m claiming only material damages.

Syrian Air forces have targeted to locations for the insurgents inside Taftanaz airport claiming the death of more than 30 militants and the injury of others and the destruction of a tank.

As units of Syrian Army target by artillery a stronghold for the armed rebels causing the destruction of 3 cars and killing militants.

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