Syrian Army Tighten Control over Areas in al-Qseir, Continue Operation in Several Provinces

images (46)In the framework of the continued military operation targeting the terrorists in the city and countryside of al-Qseir in Homs, units of the Syrian armed forces tightened control on large parts of the northern and central neighborhoods in the city after killing a number of terrorists.

SANA reporter in al-Qseir said army units gained control over the Consumer Establishment building, the Party’s Division building and the Region Directorate in the eastern part of the northern neighborhood after having killed all the terrorists who were stationed inside these buildings.

The reporter added that the army unit destroyed the terrorists’ last dens and gatherings to the south of the cemetery in the central neighborhood in the city.

Meanwhile, the army units dismantled a number of explosive devices and destroyed tunnels used by the terrorists to transport and store weapons and ammunition in the southern neighborhood.

In the same context, SANA reporter quoted a military source as saying that the army units destroyed a number of terrorists’ dens and gatherings in al-Haidariyeh, Arjoun and al-Dab’eh villages in al-Qseir countryside along with the weapons and ammunition inside them.

The source pointed out that the army units killed and injured several terrorists in al-Ghanto, Talbiseh, al-Amiriyeh and al-Naseriyeh villages.

In the city of Homs, units of the armed forces carried out several operations against terrorists in al-Khalidiyeh, Joret al-Shayah, al-Hamidiyeh, al-Warsheh, al-Krabis and al-Waer neighborhoods, killing and injuring scores of terrorists.

Army Units Continue Operations against Terrorists in Damascus and its Countryside

Units of the armed forces killed a number of terrorists, including non-Syrian terrorists in a series of operations carried out against their dens and gatherings in Harasta, Erbin, Douma, Joubar and Barzeh in Damascus and its Countryside.

An official source told SANA that the army units destroyed a 23mm caliber anti-aircraft gun in Erbin and killed several terrorists, including Ammar al-Qarsa and Salah Ghanoum.

The source added that an army unit killed in a special operation in al-Obb farms in Douma Khaled Taha, leader of an armed terrorist group, and members of his group, including Mouhanad Habash.

The source pointed out that the army units killed scores of terrorists in al-Bayder neighborhood in Harasta city, including the Saudi Othman al-Assyri, Sami al-Haswa and Muwafaq Eyoun, in addition to destroying a warehouse for terrorists full with weapons and ammunition in Bastara farms between Douma and Harasta.

In Joubar, an army unit killed several terrorists to the east of al-Manasher roundabout, destroying their weapons and ammunition which they used in their acts of terrorism.

Maher Juha and Abdullah al-Harah were identified among the dead terrorists.

Meanwhile, other army units continued operations against terrorists’ dens and gatherings in Barzeh neighborhood in Damascus and the farms surrounding it, confiscating weapons and ammunition, in addition to killing several terrorists, including Naser al-Haboul and Masoud al-Drei’.

Terrorists’ Gatherings Targeted in Several Villages in Idleb

Units of the armed forces destroyed a number of terrorists’ dens and gatherings along with the weapons and ammunition inside them in Abo al-Duhour in Idleb.

An official source told SANA reporter that the army units killed scores of terrorists in a series of special operation in al-Majas, Um Jerin and Tall Salmo villages and in the northern part of Abo al-Duhour Airport, destroying their weapons and ammunition, including a 23 mm caliber anti-aircraft gun.

The source added that other army units inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists’ gatherings in Um al-Ghaar, al-Janoudiyeh, al-Shughr, al-Atshaneh, Kafer Nubul, Saraqib, al-Mahamil, Maartamsarin and Seijer villages.

In Jabal al-Arbaeen area, an army unit killed all members of an armed terrorist group who were perpetrating acts of terrorism in Kfarlata and Sarja villages, destroying their vehicles and equipment.

Terrorist Groups Trying to Attack a Village in Hama Countryside Repelled

A unit of the armed forces repelled armed terrorist groups that attempted to attack Qubat al-Kurdi village in al-Salamia area in Hama countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon them.

An official source told SANA reporter that the armed terrorist groups tried to enter the village to attack the citizens and steal their properties before an army unit repelled them.

The source added that the army unit killed and injured several of the terrorist groups’ members, in addition to seizing their weapons, which included heavy machineguns.

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