Syrian Army, Turkey-Backed Militants Clash over Key Town in Aleppo


Heavy clashes erupted between the Syrian army forces and the terrorists backed by Ankara in Northern Aleppo to gain control over a strategic town in the region.

The fierce clashes happened on Wednesday night between the Syrian army soldiers and the militants inside and in the surroundings of Tadef in Northern Aleppo.

Both sides are attempting to take control of the important town before its rival.

Tadef is around one kilometer South of the strategic crossroad town of al-Bab. The Syrian army forces are holding positions in the South and pro-Turkey fighters are in the North.

Syrian Parliament Member Hossein Raqeb said on Wednesday that Turkey paid hundreds of dollars to each militant in Idlib province to prevent them from joining the nationwide reconciliation plan.

Raqeb told the Arabic-language al-Watan daily that Turkey bribed and dissuaded the militants who wanted to lay down arms and join the peace agreement with the army in Idlib province.

He said that Turkey paid $10,000 to each gunman to prevent the militants from ending battle with the Syrian army and applying for government amnesty.

Raqeb said that the gunmen had called relevant government officials and declared their intention to join reconciliation plan.

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