Syrian Army uncovers weapon caches in recaptured Quneitra towns

As part of a wider mop-up operation aimed to fully secure the recently-liberated towns in Quneitra province, the Syrian forces found more weapon caches.

The seized weapons include US-made TOW missiles, assault rifles, sniper rifles, grenade launchers, IEDs and various types of ammunitions.

Besides that, Saudi and Israeli-made medical and food supplies were also found in bases used formerly by the so-called White Helmets before fleeing the area to the Occupied Golan Heights.

Jihadi militants fighting for al-Qaeda-affiliated group left Jabata al-Khashab and Taranja to the country’s north as per surrender deal.

Meanwhile, Syrian and Russian sappers continue to cleanse the area from mines and IEDs before civilians can safely return to their homes.

Source: AMN

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