Syrian Army Utilizing Modern Missiles to Destroy Terrorists’ Bomb-Laden Vehicles


The Syrian Army has been using Russian Metis M 1 anti-tank guided missiles to target terrorists’ explosive-laden suicide vehicles in battles across the country, a Russian media outlet reported on Tuesday.

The ISIL has been using bomb-laden vehicles to carry out suicide attacks, and it has mounted different types of protective systems on its suicide vehicles.

Now the Arabic-language website of Russia’s state news agency, Sputnik, said that Metis M 1 – anti-tank guided missiles are used by the Syrian army as an efficient weapons system to destroy ISIL’s suicide vehicles.

The report said that Metis M1 is a light, but powerful, system that can track and destroy different targets, including bomb-laden vehicles.

The missile’s range covers distances between 80 up to 2,000 meters, it said, adding that the missile is powerful enough to penetrate different types of armors.

The Arabic Sputnik reported on Saturday that the Syrian army started using M-160 mortars – that was one of the most powerful mortars worldwide – to target terrorists’ centers across Syria.

Military experts underscored the importance of such a devastating weapon in Syria, adding that the mortar was very accurate, covering a range of more than 8 km with the rate of fire of about 3 rounds per minute.

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